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Many ECR professionals have extensive case listings and curricula vitae that offer insight into their experience in addition to their profiles. A resume search will allow you to search the entire database of resumes provided by Roster members. Enter a keyword that you wish to search for to find roster member resumes that include this keyword.

Tips for Keyword Searching of Resumes

Wording Format in Search Box Finds documents containing...

marine planning the word marine and the word planning
facilitation OR mediation either the word facilitation or the word mediation
Facilitation OR land AND planning the word facilitation and either land or planning
"land management plan" the exact phrase land management plan
Senior-mediator the word senior but NOT the word mediator. (Single -not query is not allowed)
wel* words beginning with wel such as welcome, well and welfare
*come words ending with come such as become, welcome and income
*ie* words containing ie such as review, theories and friends
(w1 w2 w3) OR (w4 w5) a combination of either w1, w2 and w3 OR w4 and w5
((w1 w2 w3) OR (w4 w5)) AND "w6 w7" a combination of either w1, w2 and w3 OR w4 and w5 AND the phrase w6 w7