Become a Roster Member

The National Center has recently made the determination that future administration of the National Roster of ECR Professionals will need to occur outside of the auspices of the Udall Foundation. Given this, the National Center is no longer accepting applications to the Roster at this time. Please see more information in the statement about the Roster transition here.

Membership Benefits
The Roster helps parties sponsoring or engaging in ECR processes to identify and connect with qualified environmental conflict resolution professionals. Here searchers find complete and current information about roster members from their profiles. The U.S. Institute also conducts outreach to potential roster searchers/referral requestors, increasing the visibility of the Roster.

Qualifying For the Roster
Applicants must have 200 hours of experience serving as the principal or co-principal third-party neutral for a collaborative or conflict resolution process intended to assist the parties to achieve a common goal or agreement in one or more environmental, natural resource, and/or public lands issues. The 200 hours of experience must be represented by at least two but no more than 10 environmental cases of 20 hours or more in duration and must have been completed in the past ten years. In addition to the 200 hours of experience, additional experience is required across three categories relating to case experience, training, substantive background and education, as detailed in the Roster Entry Criteria. Applicants must demonstrate abilities that go beyond simply working with parties to produce constructive dialogue, they must be able to help parties solve a problem or resolve a conflict.